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Wordpress Developer

Are you a highly talented developer who appreciates great design but understands the inner workings of the WP Architecture?

Our ideal candidate will have:

  • A solid grounding in CSS, HTML, & PHP
  • An eye for the kind of wonderful copy that prompts our client’s users to convert.
  • Some knowledge & ability to code out basic jQuery functionalities
  • The ability to build highly customized, responsive layouts in a very short period of time using the ever increasingly powerful Divi Builder by Elegant Themes.


Are you able to perform the ji mind trick on prospective clients? If so, then perfect- you’ll fit right in.
(Yes we’ll be providing them an amazing service, but why bother even giving them a choice in the matter?)

Our ideal candidate will have:

  • Numerous years of experience in self driven, outside sales — OR
  • Some awesome numbers to show as proof of your sales awesomeness — OR
  • The ability to sell us on your sales ability

Interested in a career as a secret agent?  Then go here!

Otherwise send your resume, portfolio, CV, or just a simple “Hey there Secret Agent Media!!!<@!$!” email to us to start the conversion.

[email protected]

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