Boulder's premiere spy-themed digital agency.

Initially conceived in 2012, Secret Agent Media is the sole force responsible for combating web industry super villainy.

Our mission is to fight these injustices through a consultative approach towards helping our clients achieve their digital marketing goals.

some of our recent milestones

Concept to dotcoms developed


Increase in Search Engine Traffic via SEO

Completed projects

Daniel Fetchak

Daniel Fetchak


Daniel has been working within the greater web industry for over 13 years. His humble beginnings start with operating an organization for Pittsburgh-area technical enthusiasts at the age of 16. His expertise include digital marketing/strategy, SEO, graphic design, project management, and generally being the go-to agent for everything your business might need.

Secret Agent Media Headquarters

Base of operations:
2227 Canyon Blvd #260
Boulder, CO 880302

Hours:  M-Sa     9a-7p

Phone:  720-778-1555

Email:  [email protected]

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